Proper Western Boot Fit

Internal view of a sock covered foot inside a western styled Rebel by Durango boot

When your boots fit correctly, your feet should feel great all-day long. Here are some general tips on making sure your new Durango Boots fit properly. When you first try your boots, it is best to be in the sitting position. Western boots are more difficult to pull on versus a Wellington or just a typical slip on boot. You should hear a POP as your heel meets the insole.

To assure the width is correct, feel the location of the ball of your foot. The ball of your foot should be located at the widest part of the boot. The best way to determine this is to bend your foot forward by lifting only your heel off the ground. By doing this, there will be a line across the top of your foot as the leather creases. This line should match the widest part of the outsole of the boot. This location will help indicate a proper fit.

The shape and depth of the toe area will differ throughout the many styles we offer. Just remember your toes should always feel comfortable. To assure the boot is the correct length, the arch is the key. If your foot sits securely over the arch, you have the proper fit. If the arch is too far forward, try the next size down. If the arch is too far back, try the next size up.

Heel slippage is common in western boots. Over time the insole will mold to your foot reducing or eliminating heel slippage. View Our Boot Fit Diagram