Women's Western Work Boots

Women's Western Work Boots

Durango® women’s western work boots are tough and rugged enough for any job. With steel toe boots, composite toe boots and waterproof boots available you are sure to find the perfect pair.

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Browse our collection of Durango boots for women and find the design and style that works for you. These high-quality Durango women's boots come in a variety of sizes and features from composite toe to waterproof.

Can You Wear These Durango Women’s Work Boots In the Snow?

Our women’s Durango boots are excellent for deep snow and slush as the waterproof membrane will help to keep your feet dry and comfortable. However, since there is little insulation, we recommend wearing heavy and thick socks. We also recommend using leather conditioner frequently if you plan on wearing these Durango women’s boots for long periods of time as leather soaked repeatedly will degrade its quality. We also recommend detachable cleats for icy days.

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