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DB-101322 #OUTPOST66

DB –– OUTPOST № 66
Team Roping 101
•    1 MIN


Team Durango®

The only true team event in rodeo is Team-Roping; team work makes the dream work. This is Team Roping 101. Here you have a header and a heeler. The fastest time wins, and the steer gets a head start. One cowboy, the header, ropes the horns, and the other cowboy, the heeler, has one job, that's to rope both the hind feet of the animal. There are some problems that could lead to penalties. Penalties are additional seconds added to the run, if the rules are not followed. It starts with the barrier, if the header leaves before the steer gets a head start and breaks the barrier, that's a ten-second penalty. A mistake of only inches will cost you ten seconds and that will cost the team money. The heeler can also get in hot water if he only ropes one hind leg, instead of two, that's a five-second penalty that could also take you out of the money. Once the header and heeler have done their jobs, the horses face each other and the ropes are tight; that's when the clock stops. More variables than any other event. Five minds working together with one goal, be fast because fast equals money. Don't blink or you just might miss it. That was Team Roping 101.

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